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1637 Amherst
Montreal, Québec
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Visit the l’Atelier de Sculpture du Village

As a guest of La Loggia, you are invited to visit the studio-gallery of Joel located two blocks from the B&B at 1206 de Maisoneuve Blvd East. An eloquent way to begin the day or brighten a rainy day.

Also, if you want to create your own memories by unleashing your artistic imagination, free sculpting workshops are offered every Saturday from 11:00 to 5:00 p.m. at a cost of $79.

Joel also offers private classes. A private class will provide you with a basic introduction and a comprehensive hands-on experience. You will discover the sensuality of clay, and create your own masterpiece of a high relief neoclassical sculpture. Classes are available at all levels of experience and are kept to a maximum of 6 students. This ensures that a high degree of individual attention is given to everyone.Visit claysculptingworkshop.com for more information and dates.

Welcome cyclists

Visit Montreal with your bike. We offer a large back yard with 10’ high fencing, safe and secure with access in and out via the back alley and lots of space to park you bike safely.

Bicycle tours Island of Montreal

Rob has been cycling all his life and loves the freedom of Montreal’s 600 kms of dedicated bicycle paths. If you would like to see scenic parts of the city not accessible by public transit or on foot, Rob would be happy to take you on half or full day city or river side adventure.

Private personal training Rob Ross

One of the keys to aging well is maintaining body and core strength, flexibility and balance. Let’s examine your weak areas and develop a program to help you meet your fitness goals and daily needs. Men – let me help you achieve a flatter stomach, reduced lower back pain and a great butt. Ladies – I’ll help you gain upper body and arm strength and help you build real muscle. I have extensive experience in Immunodeficiency and HIV and senior fitness solutions.

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